"Kingdom" Sermon Series

The Gospel that Jesus preached is not only about what happens after we die. He taught that the Kingdom of God has arrived, that it dwells among us today. And this Kingdom isn't a vague, abstract, theoretical thing. It is real and can bring about radical life change. So, how does one practically enter into the Kingdom of God? Come and reflect upon some possibilities as we articulate what the Kingdom of God is throughout our fall series.


Trunk or Treat

On Friday, October 31, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., our parking lot will be chock full of games and delightfully decorated cars with lots of goodies in the trunks. Kids and parents are invited to make their way around our Trunk-or-Treat zone to enjoy free food, treats, games, and fun!

Everything is free! Invite a friend and join us for Trunk-or-Treat.