Job Description

Gate City Vineyard is a relational church where seekers of Jesus are encouraged to be real and genuine and do life together as a family. We are seeking a pastor who will lead Gate City Vineyard and carry on our values of engaging with God, with one another and with the world. He or she will provide inspirational teaching and counsel to a congregation of approximately 110 people; oversight and support to the staff; perspective and insight to the Elder Board; and actively identify and develop new leaders within the church body. 


The ideal candidate for this Lead Pastor position will have a background in pastoral ministry, demonstrated preaching experience, and a passion for Gate City Vineyard’s values. Qualifications include but are not limited to: 

  • Evidence of a committed, mature, and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. 
  • Be characterized by the qualifications for office stated in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, and the spirit of humility and servanthood called for in passages such as Matthew 20:25- 28 and I Peter 5:1-4. 
  • Experience in Biblical teaching and preaching in a pastoral/ministry role, with a view to fostering spiritual formation in the church. 
  • Be willing to embrace GCV’s priority of esteeming and promoting ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Minimum Associates Degree or formal equivalent required.


  • Highly relational interpersonal skills, demonstrating authenticity, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for ministry and people. 
  • Strong leadership skills including the ability to develop and articulate a mission/vision, build support, and engage the church community in fulfilling its purpose 
  • Ability to recruit, train, develop, and motivate people for leadership and the church community for hands-on ministry. 
  • Demonstrate a passion for Gate City Vineyard Church’s mission, values, culture, and church body. 
  • A creative, entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to envision and revitalize, spearheading change as needed. 
  • Ability to partner and collaborate with staff and church leadership to develop goals and execute plans to achieve them. 


The Lead Pastor of Gate City Vineyard Church will provide active guidance and leadership in the following areas: 

Visionary: Lead the church by casting the vision for ministry and motivating others to fulfill the vision. Provide ongoing evaluation of the health and effectiveness of the church, offering perspectives and suggestions that will help Gate City Vineyard develop and maintain successful ministry. Seek God’s direction in discerning His plan for the Gate City Vineyard community through the exploration and implementation of creative ways to achieve His mission. 

Leadership: Supervise and support the staff and ministry teams as they oversee church ministries and functions on a regular basis. Guide staff in goal setting, leadership development, and spiritual direction. Work alongside the Elder Board in implementing church structure in accordance with the church bylaws. Lead the congregation with a servant heart and respect. Encourage, empower, and develop future church leaders. 

Worship: Plan meaningful personal and corporate worship experiences that bring people into the presence of an awesome and Holy God. Make Scripture applicable to daily life by providing Biblical preaching through well-developed, relevant teaching and messages based on God’s truth. Coordinate with the worship leader, staff, and volunteers for Sunday services and special events. Celebrate alongside the Gate City Vineyard family by performing rites of passage, such as child dedications, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. 

Prayer: Pray diligently for and with the church community and staff. Seek God’s direction in identifying and supporting those who need prayer. 

Shepherding: Provide guidance and assistance to individuals in the church community. Promote spiritual formation within the church body through relevant teaching and modeling of life-long development in Christ-likeness. Exemplify compassion and love to all people and give counsel as needed. Guide leaders and others in the church to give care to those in need. It is understood that the Pastor is not able to provide direct care for every person and may refer individuals to church leaders, other church members, or professional resources. 

Associations: Conduct himself or herself in a manner that aligns with the bylaws, mission, and values of Gate City Vineyard Church. Represent Gate City Vineyard in the Vineyard USA, and foster professional and constructive relationships with other Vineyard pastors including the regional director. 


The Pastor is accountable to the Elder Board and ultimately to the church membership. The Pastor is a voting member of the Elder Board. He or She will be present to provide input, perspective, and guidance at Board meetings. All staff members report to the Lead Pastor. 

Please provide: 

#1) A cover letter – please explain what specific  experience, qualifications and skills you bring to our Lead Pastor position.  Please include your desired salary range.

#2) Your resume. 

#3) One document with answers to the following four questions. (Please limit your response to 500 words or less for each question).  

1)  Please describe your personal spiritual journey 

2)  Give an example of assisting someone with their personal spiritual journey.

3)  What is your understanding of – and experience with – intentional spiritual development?

4)  How would you lead our church in the area of diversity/racial unity? 

Please submit the three documents  by Friday, December 18, 2020. If we consider you to  be a qualified candidate, we will contact you after December 18th, to set up a Zoom interview to be conducted after January 1st.  The qualified candidates will have to submit audio clips, be able to be interviewed by Zoom, and may be asked to visit Greensboro, NC for an in-person visit. Thank you.  

Note: A background check will be required for this position.

No phone calls please.