Why are we calling our campaign “Grow Gate City”? Ultimately, we believe this campaign is about investing in people. We believe God has placed our church in Greensboro to impact people and build His Kingdom in our community. By freeing up funds to invest in ministry, we’ll be better positioned to grow Gate City – to invite people into a transformational relationship with God and to equip people to love and serve our city.

What are our goals for the campaign?

In addition to the $250,000 total we are seeking in pledges received, we aspire to see 100% participation in the campaign among individuals and families that call Gate City Vineyard home. In the spirit of investing in people, we are also asking each individual/family to commit to praying regularly for the success of the campaign and to inviting their friends, co-workers, and/or family members to church during the campaign period.

How will the pledges be structured?

Recognizing that each individual’s situation is different, we understand that some gifts will be one-time contributions (perhaps from savings or investments) while others will be increased giving on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. All pledges should represent gifts that are planned on top of our regular giving to the church through tithes/offerings.

When are the pledges and the gifts collected?

We will be making pledge cards available beginning on September 30, when we’ll launch the campaign with a vision-casting lunch after our morning celebration. We’re asking for all pledge cards to be turned in by October 28, when we’ll announce our pledged total. We’ll be contributing our gifts between the campaign launch and December 2019. Please make sure to clearly separate and designate each gift that is a fulfillment of a Giving Campaign pledge. (There will also be a separate dropdown box on our website for gifts toward the Giving Campaign.) Your pledge will be stored on Realm and you will be able to track your campaign giving progress. All campaign gifts are fully tax-deductible as they are considered gifts to the church.

How can I learn more about donating appreciated assets or other tax strategies?

Though you’ll need to talk to your tax professional to get official tax guidance, we’ll be happy to find someone to talk with you about potential strategies to maximize the impact of your gift, including the donation of appreciated mutual funds, stocks, securities, real estate, or other assets. Please contact Lisa (office@gatecityvineyard.com) or Tim Towery, our church treasurer, to find out more.


Why is this a good financial opportunity for our church?

We believe that purchasing the building represents an opportunity to reduce our monthly costs, invest more heavily in ministry, and build equity to strengthen the long-term financial sustainability of our church. Since we’ve already invested significantly in the design, layout and structure of our current facility, we won’t incur the large immediate up-fitting costs we’d expect if we were to purchase a different building.

When are we hoping to purchase the building?

Our current lease is up in March 2020. We hope to have all pledges received by the end of 2019 in order to close on the building in early 2020, prior to the end of our lease.

How will this impact our future costs?

The back half of the building has a strong rental history. There is an existing tenant that pays monthly rent similar to ours, so the rent we will collect will essentially cover our mortgage payment. While we will need to pay income taxes and property taxes on the rented section of the building, we estimate that 20% of our budget will be freed up upon owning the building, allowing us to invest the money saved in growing our ministries and increasing our impact in our community. Incorporating reasonable future rent increases, our potential savings can become even larger.

Over time, each mortgage payment we make will increase our equity in the building, providing us with an asset that will enable us to have more flexibility in the future to follow God’s leading for our church. Ultimately, once our mortgage is paid off the projected $50,000 in annual mortgage payments will be additional money freed up that we’ll be able to invest in ministry.


How much of the building are we hoping to purchase? 

We plan to purchase the entire building, which is slightly under 18,000 square feet.


What are our plans for the building?

In the near term, we plan to continue to rent out the back half of the building in order to offset our mortgage costs and free up funds for more ministry. Down the road, depending on our growth and on God’s leading, owning the building gives us potential room to expand our church facility to serve additional individuals and families.

How can we become more visible given our location?

While we do face some challenges by virtue of our location in a business park, we also believe our location is a great asset. Over 100,000 people live within a 3-mile radius of our church, an area that also represents one of the most racially and socioeconomically diverse areas of our region. By increasing our advertising and signage and intentionally building relationships in the communities immediately surrounding our church, we hope to greatly strengthen our community presence.


How do we plan to invest additional resources in ministry?

Initially, our primary areas of focus would be investing in children’s ministry and youth ministry, as many families cite strong children and youth ministries as the primary reason they’d consider attending a church. We want to expand our programming in each of these areas to be able to interact with more families, and we want to upgrade our facilities by creating themed environments that increase the energy and appeal of our children’s and youth programming. Finally, we would love to be able to invest more resources in both local and global missions, including our partnerships with Streetwatch in Greensboro, Casa del Padre in Managua, Nicaragua, and Vineyard communities in China and Taiwan.

How do we plan to help more people encounter God through Gate City Vineyard?

We believe we have a unique place in God’s Kingdom due to our genuine “come as you are” culture, our emphasis on active partnership with the Holy Spirit, and our commitment to an active faith that serves our city and reaches across racial and socioeconomic lines. Through a variety of means, including marketing, advertising, community outreaches and development efforts, and personal invitations, we want to cast as wide of a net as possible.

What if I have questions or suggestions regarding the campaign?

We wholeheartedly believe that this campaign will only be successful if all of us who call Gate City Vineyard home feel a strong sense of ownership and involvement. As a result, we want to be as collaborative and open as possible in executing the campaign. In addition, feel free to direct any questions to Andy and Mylene Duffy, who are graciously serving as chairs for the Giving Campaign.

You may also email office@gatecityvineyard.com and Lisa will pass your questions along.