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We’re excited to launch the Grow Gate City Giving Campaign!  Our hope and prayer is that we will together raise the necessary funds for a down payment to purchase our facility, allowing us to free up over 20% of our budget for additional ministry and ensure that we are well-positioned to make a lasting impact for Christ both locally and globally.

This will be a journey where together we must step out and trust God at new levels. Here’s the hardest part of what I’m asking from you: IT’S ALL BY FAITH. It requires faith to believe that by planting a single seed God can produce a forest. It takes faith to believe that by giving your resources away you can actually find life and fulfillment. It takes faith to believe that through your sacrificial generosity, we can see the lives of people transformed.

At times, faith looks too scary or too uncomfortable, and yet you realize after stepping out in faith that it’s the only way to find true joy. You realize that living by faith is what God designed you for. I hope you will join us on this life-changing journey of faith!


Pastor Todd

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